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Interview questions in Edinburgh, Scotland

Skyscanner Interviews in Edinburgh

www.skyscanner.net /  HQ: LONDON

56 Interviews in Edinburgh (of 122)

3.3 Difficult

Royal Bank of Scotland Interviews in Edinburgh

jobs.rbs.com /  HQ: Edinburgh, UK

49 Interviews in Edinburgh (of 792)

3.1 Average

Penmex Interviews in Edinburgh

www.penmex.co.uk /  HQ: Edinburgh

40 Interviews in Edinburgh (of 50)

1.5 Very Easy

Interview Questions in Edinburgh

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What is customer service for you

16 Answers

talk about working experiences that evaluate cust service skills

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

Assistance or helped that we proved to the customers.

All Qs were straight forward and candidates should have no problem with them.

2 Answers

Spent ages focusing on and wanting to know other places I'd applied to and why.

1 Answer

What directories would you submit a site to for link building purposes?

2 Answers

How would you react when faced with an angry, irate customer complaint ?

2 Answers

Given that we have a mature process in place do you feel able to support it as is, going forward?

1 Answer

Numerous questions regarding customer service and how you have had experience in this area and give examples on how you have delivered exceptional customer service. How you handle situations with customers. How to handle difficult customer situations. How you overcame the situation. How you work with a team. What do you know about the company. Why do you want this position? What could you offer?

1 Answer

If the design already synchronized, but a signal is too short for the setup time, wht's the reason and how to correct it?

1 Answer

No unexpected questions just the usual, why, what, where.....

1 Answer

about Time Series analysis, basic stuff about modeling and implementation

1 Answer
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