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Embedded software engineer Interview Questions


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Q1- Use of Volatile keyword?

4 Answers

To store Values of hardware dependent registers . Also used for variable in multi thread applications.

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wrong answer, adjective, adjective, should be removed, constructive answer: exclude from optimising

Q2: Use of Static keyword?

2 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answer

How would you convert a d.c. voltage to a lower voltage (while ensuring power efficiency and operation under varying load)?

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What is the gain for this op-amp

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not really engaged.

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- What criteria would you use when choosing an MCU for a project? - What means of saving power in an MCU-controlled board do you know? - Draw a block diagram of an MCU. What's MPU is for. What's the difference between MPU and MMU. - What happens after power up and before main() is entered, what has to be done? - Write an in-memory string reversal function (byte-wise and word-wise). - Describe how would you write a program that transfers bytes from UART to Ethernet (UDP) and blinks a LED, provided there are some API functions. - What API would you create for working with a DMA controller? - What is 'undefined behavior' in terms of C language standard. - What for is the 'volatile' keyword. - What is your best trait? - What are your 5 worst traits? - Why do you want to work for ARM? - Why you are the one? - If you don't agree with your immediate boss on some technical decision, how would you address that? - Have you ever shouted at anyone at work? Some other questions as well, don't remember them all.

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Q3: CANbus transmission problems?

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General screening interview questions based on the job and the requirements.

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List the board to board communication protocols

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