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www.dellemc.com /  HQ: Hopkinton, MA

30 Interviews / Acquired by Dell

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EMC Interviews

www.emc-austria.at /  HQ: Böheimkirchen, AU

0 Interviews

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EMC Consulting Interviews

www.emcconsulting.com /  HQ: Hopkinton

2 Interviews / Part of EMC

2.0 Easy

EMC Interview Questions

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My one concern is that you are not technical enough for the role maybe!

1 Answer

How do you know that when you have not asked a single technical question throughout the interview? I can do a presentation on VNX or Isilon if you want me to! He replied, "no, no, but the hiring manager may ask you to do that at the next stage"

Why do you want to work for EMC? Read that in the Interviewing for Dummies 101?

1 Answer

What is your favourite horizontal to work with?

1 Answer

why you chose us to work with?

1 Answer

where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

1 Answer

How do you cope under pressure?

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Competency based questions on how to handle difficult situations, difficult people, how to manage projects, Experience of working internationally with teams located virtually, questions on previous work experience, questions about EMC.

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