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Why Network Rail and why the rail industry?

12 Answers

hi there, could you tell me more about the technical questions they asked you? Thank you

They give you a map with switches and relays. They correspond to track signaling systems. Standard red orange green. KVL, KCL and decent circuitry knowledge.

Thank you

Phone interview questions: Given an array of numbers (1,2,3,8,0,2,2,0,10), move all 0s to the right end and all other numbers to the left while keeping relative order of non-zero numbers. Has to be linear in time and in-place.

7 Answers

Count the number of bits set in an integer. What is your favorite language and what you don't like about that language.

3 Answers

Hardest time in your life

2 Answers

Can you explain the concept of (pick from a list of topics) to me as if I am someone who knows nothing about it?

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What happems when a train goes round a bend

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What would be your biggest concern regarding the role if you were to join Deloitte?

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The most difficult question is "tell us about yourself" when you have to identify your weakness and use it to point out the strength

2 Answers

Give an example of where you had to work in a team

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3 words to describe yourself?

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