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DEKA Research and Development
Enterprise Architect was asked...19 December 2014

Having and scale and 9 equally shape and color with only one being slightly heavier than the rest, find the heavier ball with minimum number of interactions.

4 Answers

The solution is to divide in 3 groups of 3 balls each and and weight them.

took me 20 seconds to solve. Divide the 9 into 2 groups of 4 and one aside. If the weight is the same for the 2 of 4 the one out is the heavier. If one group of 4 is heavier you know that one group has the heavier element. Divide that 4 into 2 of 2 and measure again. The heavier group of 2 has the heavier element. Measure each one now. Less

Correction to my solution.The last step only measure ONE of the two. The weight should be 1/4 of the group of 4. So this eliminates the need to do 2 more measures. So total we will have either 1 measure only because the one left out of the first measurement was the heaviest OR 3 to find final. Less

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Tractor Supply

what are distribute and organize parameters for on a Netezza table ?

2 Answers

distribute controls how record are spread across spu's. organize controls how record are stored (sorted) in each spu (partition) Less

I got an email from a Talent Acquisition team member. She apologized for the negative experience and said they would review their process. I appreciate her reaching out. It was a stand up thing to do. Less

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Are you also able to double as a database architect?

2 Answers

If you want a database architect, don't ask for an enterprise architect. You are wasting both my time and your money!! Less

Clearly they are looking for people that are willing to drop back to previous experience just to fill the holes in their bench. Less


How would you convince a large American client that outsourcing their IT department is in their best interest?

2 Answers

I would first examine the long term effects on morale and corporate perception before ever suggesting outsourcing. Often the short-term cost savings are not worth the long-term damage that outsourcing can create. I also deeply believe that the American workforce is still the most innovative in the world. Less

I'm not surprised the author of this review did not get hired. He doesn't know the difference between "outsourcing" and "off-shoring". Outsourcing can involve American companies and simply means hiring another company to handle some function of a companies operations. Off-shoring means sending jobs overseas. Less


I was basically asked why I would entertain leaving my current role. Other than that the focus was on dollar amounts regarding the scale of projects I've worked on.

2 Answers

I was reluctant to provide any dollar figures regarding project size / scope that I've managed. I felt it was an intrusive thing to ask and unprofessional. I instead gave broad ranges so he could at least understand the magnitude of my largest accomplishments. Less

I can tell you that providing detail on the scope of your projects is paramount to providing someone unfamiliar with you and your work with the details they need to place you and assess you properly. Asking is neither intrusive nor unprofessional. I can tell you, as someone who is NOT now nor ever been with Optomi, that failing to provide details makes you appear elusive at best and dishonest at worst. While the lack of follow-up on their end is unprofessional, I hope you understand why you did not get any offers through them. Just my two cents / advice as an objective third party. Less

Booz Allen Hamilton

Will you take a pay cut?

2 Answers

Say no Hell No, is BAH willing to take less profit?


Central States Funds

What will you do in your job in the first two weeks, month and say in 6 months

1 Answers

I will focus on getting to know the people and process and the culture of the organization in the short run and my focus will be adopt and implement a mature data architecture practice in the long run. Less


how would you protect yourself from a situation when your software provider (of an important system you use at the company) potentially will not support you anymore?

1 Answers

Risk mitigation kind of answers like: get legal rights/license for the source code, ensure proper contractual statements for support and maintenance, ensure openness, modularity, integration, data export and import functionalities Less


Hoe ik tegen het reizen aankeek. Dit vanwege de verspreiding van werkzaamheden over locaties.

1 Answers

Ik heb verwezen naar huidige erg lange reistijden en aangegeven dat ik dus minder zou gaan reizen dan ik gewend was Less


What would you do the first day, since you're in control of this project? (PM question)

1 Answers

Engaged onsite PM, craft next steps (as-is, to-be assessment) from PM. Switch ... Now you are the PM. Pivoted answer: meet stakeholders, assess environment, provide report ... Followed up with 30/60/90 day plan after interview. Less

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