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Companies seeking an enterprise developer are looking to grow their business using the latest technology. When interviewing for an enterprise developer position, you can expect to be asked questions about your knowledge of technology and your understanding of the industry. Additionally, it is likely that enterprise developers will work as members of a team, so be prepared to talk about your leadership and teamworking skills.

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Top Enterprise Developer Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top enterprise developer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Can you walk me through your development process?

How to answer: Interviewers want to be sure that you have a strong knowledge of enterprise development. When you answer this question, highlight your understanding of the latest technology. Additionally, mention your favourable skills, such as your work ethic, organisation skills and ability to meet deadlines.

Question No. 2: How do you feel about working as a member of a team?

How to answer: The position you are applying for may require you to work as a member of a team, so let potential employers know that you are up to the job. Talk about a time when you have worked as a member of a team and how you used your teamwork skills and communication abilities to get a job done.

Question No. 3: What would you do to improve our company?

How to answer: Prove to interviewers that you have done your research by talking about ways you would use the most innovative advancements in enterprise development to make improvements to their company.

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HotWax Systems
Enterprise Java Developer was asked...24 June 2021

Java and MySQL Base Question Collection API Concept of String in Java Concept of Inheritance Just ask have you heard about the JDBC and ODBC concept no question but just ask And from my side, Prepare Well

2 Answers

Ans 1: the most common use object is string object in any project. String object will be immutable Ans 2: In any project we use approx 90% string object because of immutability concept and it use String Constant Pool which is specially design for String object only By they help of SCP it creates a new object when only it required otherwise it use previous one Also increase performance Memory utilization Ans 3: String st = new String (); Ans 4: because of SCP(String constant Pool) Less

First Listen the Question and give them brief about what they actually want from you like : If they asked like what is String in java so your answer is 1) Define String 2) How is string important in java 3) how you create the String 4) the rare concept Why String is Immutable in java ? Less


Path sum problem tree

1 Answers

Balanced parantheses

New York Life

How would you handle mainframe systems with SOA?

1 Answers

Legacy wrapper pattern as part of legacy modernization effort. Use ESB and SOA to wrap legacy systems to make functionality available to clients transparently as with and along with any other system, new applications (Java, .net) and business processes. Less

HotWax Systems

Java and Sql base question . study how to join tables in Sql .

1 Answers

Answered every question with confidence.

Bloomberg L.P.

Network programming: Difference between TCP and UDP?

1 Answers

I explained the differences: 1. TCP is connection based, UDP is not. 2. UDP is faster in higher asynchronus traffic. (especially in traffics like that of stock markets). 3. UDP is less reliable, TCP is more reliable. Less

Intel Corporation

What advantage would MongoDB give your over MySQL for a particular project.

1 Answers

Honestly, I felt the answer would be completely project dependent, since MySQL is pretty stable and one should not just drop it in the favor of newer NoSQL technologies unless there is a specific need of high replication, massive velocity and quantity of data and high availability in which case MongoDB clusters do perform quite well. Less


Skill level with enterprise applications?

1 Answers

Referenced my past experience with Dynamics, O365 on premises and and cloud.


In what area and role, you want to focus?

1 Answers

Like Software Development in the area of desktop applications or web services


Who is responsible of the quality of the software?

1 Answers

The team

New York Life

How would you handle SOA?

1 Answers

Best practices, patterns, best authors and experience. Understand enterprise wide and work incrementally towards. Quality and excellence. Define process then hit the ground running hard and get done as much as possible quickly. Less

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