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Executive assistant to ceo Interview Questions


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can you swear like a trooper in your midlands accent?

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i didnt answer this.

What a ridiculous question! Couldn't he realise how irrelevant it is to the job? As for him claiming he hired only those who interest him, that is silly. Anyone who happens to interest him isn't necessarily able to do the job. There are plenty of such people out there, so that is foolish, subjective criteria. If I encountered such a person so apparently disinterested in hiring the best talent, I would have threatened to walk out the door.

How do you tell a CEO no.

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I want to take you put.

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Do you mind if we do some of this interview in the car park?

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What do you like most about being a Personal Assistant?

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Standard competency based questions "give me an example of when you did XYZ...."

One of the questions I was asked was 'how I manage the intensity and pace of the industry and how I prioritise' There was a lot of emphasis and genuine natural conversation & interest in my personality and working style, which impressed me immediately. It was very clear to me that Captify care a lot about peoples wellness, creativity & individuality and recognise the importance of creating teams that are diverse and in sync with what they are creating and developing.

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