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If you had 3 mins alone in a lift with the CEO what would you say?

21 Answers

Blagged it

Are you going up or down?

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What experience do you have in marketing?

14 Answers

what is your profession?

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"Great news! I'd like to interview you for the PA to CEO role here at Symless. Before the interview, I'll need you to record a quick 60 second video (you can do this from your phone). In the video, tell us about a specific time which shows you really shining as a PA, demonstrating how crucial you are to your current CEO (or someone that you've been assisting). When you're done, upload it to YouTube. Set the sharing settings to unlisted so only I can watch it."

6 Answers

Why do you think you would suit this role?

5 Answers

What would you do if you heard, your colleague racially abusive to someone?

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What do you know about Heathrow airport? Tell me about difficult situation you had in your life and how you manage with it? How to provide an excellent customer service?Have you been in situation while you could provide a great customers service? While would you like to be Security Officer at the airport?

4 Answers

Why you want to work as a security officer at Heathrow?

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If you were to be re-incarnated as an animal what type would you be and why

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When have you looked at difficult information and had to make a decision?

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