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What do you know about Heathrow airport? Tell me about difficult situation you had in your life and how you manage with it? How to provide an excellent customer service?Have you been in situation while you could provide a great customers service? While would you like to be Security Officer at the airport?

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-NOW I am waiting for the results of my phone interview for a week, that's very long. They said that they will contact me back on the last Friday and I am still waiting... Is anyone who has the same situation?

Yes, I had the same experience and already I am waiting almost two weeks for my telephone interview results. I sent email asking if I passed, unfortunatelly no reply as yet.

I had phone interview and received email after next day stating me that I passed phone interview and book a placement for assessment.

Why you want to work as a security officer at Heathrow?

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What do you know about heathrow? Why apply to heathrow?

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Why you want to work at LHR?

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Describe a time where you had to deal with a difficult customer?

Tell me a time when you’ve dealt with a difficult customer

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