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Why don't you have a degree?

2 Answers

Not everyone has the opportunity to gain a degree but i feel that the experience i have gathered through my working life more than makes up for it

A degree will not often teach a person the job skills they really need for a perticular position, and often, employers wind up training employees to do things the way they'd prefer anyway. And one can have a bachelor's in social justice but that is not going to be helpful to ANYONE. Pall tends to underpay employees anyway and then treat them poorly as you could probably tell from the attitude of the person with whom you interviewed, so you dodged a bullet.

More interested if your face fits more than qualifications and experience so so unprofessional person interview looked like they were in total wrong clothes to interview someone means etc laughing and joking a total times rather than being serious

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How old are you?

1 Answer

Presentation was required but IT let them down so I'd recommend bringing a paper copy. Be well prepared to answer questions.

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What mistakes have you made in your career?

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What I thought was the role of a finance business partner.

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Why are you suited to the job?

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Focused on my ability to take a digital product to market, along with my skills around governance, control, opportunities, and commercial knowledge.

When have you followed clear guidelines to solve an issue?

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