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Design an algorithm to find the first unique element in an array.

8 Answers

One possibility that comes in mind: * Walk the array, create a hashmap (key is the value in array, value is the count of such values). * Walk the array again and check the count in the hash map, once you hit 1, you have the first unique value. This is O(n) both space and time.

Are you sure that this is O(n), it is definitely O(n^2), you go over all items twice.

dear utk O(2n) = O(n) != O(n^2)...

A rabbit wants to climb some stairs and it can do steps of 1 or 2. How many possible paths are there to follow ( e.g 1-1-1... or 2-2-2 ... or 2-1-2-1... etc)

6 Answers

write a function that returns the first unique element in an array

5 Answers

You have a large data file, consisting of ten-digit numbers separated by new-line characters. Write a program in C to sort it, using at most 20MB of memory. Make it efficient.

4 Answers

int i=14; if (i=15) i++; How much is i?

4 Answers

Most efficient way to find the most frequent number (0-255) in a string of numbers

4 Answers

What is success? Some IT knowledge required for the technical test- what does http stand for; how many bits are in a byte etc.

3 Answers

They ask what can you tell about the firm and their products.

3 Answers

If you have a large cube filled with N-cubed cubes and you remove the top layer of those cubes, how many cubes have you removed ?

3 Answers

2 pieces of string of different length and non-uniform width, each take one hour to burn. the remaining length of a burning string doesn't tell you how much longer it burns for. with a lighter measure 45 mins.

3 Answers
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