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What is success? Some IT knowledge required for the technical test- what does http stand for; how many bits are in a byte etc.

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Hi Mate, I would be grateful if you can email me some more details as i am planning to apply for FDM. my email is bhikopatodi at gmail com thanks

Hi there. Hope you're well. I understand that there were 3 5-minute interviews. Can you please tell me what kinds of questions they asked in the business/behavioural interview? Would be much appreciated! Kind regards.

Hi there, Appreciate your tips on here, hope you are well. Are there any tough questions on the phone interview?

What is liquidity?

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Competency based

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Pitch me a stock

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what are indices YTD

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They did ask some nonsense questions i.e. how do you weigh an airplane that is standing on the runway.

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Unexpected question asked randomly amidst the competency based questions was: 'Define what a discount factor is?

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Tell me why your interested in Genwoeth

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Tell me something i haven't heard a hundred times before

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what do you think of marketing

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