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predictable questions, no formal introduction of the interviewers (they never presented themselves with their job names, I had to search them on Linked in to know who they were), the hiring manager was the one to coordinate the interviews (dates, time, location) - no HR involvement whatsoever in the recruitment process

Why GE? Give me an example of how you have displayed (a value) in your experience? Why did you choose your degree? Why did you choose to apply for this Position? I was contacted by HR before the interview where they informed me of what questions I would be asked and what I should think about when answering them. If you are offered this it was vey helpful. It took them about a month to get back to me, they originally said 2 weeks.

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competency based questions. no challenging questions as such. the usual ones you would expect. where do you see yourself? why British gas? what do you know about Birtish gas?

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