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sell the terminal to me, what do you know about the company and its business, revenue genreated by london zoo per annual

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Reading all the questions posted on the site, the London Zoo one threw me a bit. I realise that Bloomberg are corporate partners of the Zoological Society, but do you think they really expected that you know this answer? I sometimes wonder if they ask curve ball questions to see how you react to no knowing an answer. Didi you know the answer?

I imagine they are looking for analytical thinking, comfort dealing with numbers and visible thoughts?

might be that London Zoo is a no profit organization, so it did not make any kind of revenue/ profits per annum.

What makes you want to work for Bloomberg rather for any other buy-side companies? As I'm doing a bit of spread trading the question was related to my strong choice and preference for Bloomberg rather then my desire of pursuing a career in trading.

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Why BLoomberg?x100 if you don't have financial background

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Why Bloomberg? Why finance and sales after your previous experiences? What do you do if a client is rude? Questions about finance (what is inflation? what indicators help you decide what to invest in? ) Questions about Bloomberg (What other revenue generating products does Bloomberg offer? What does Bloomberg offer in general?)

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Telephone Questions: How do you start a chat conversation on MSN messenger? What is the difference between a Forward and a Future? What do we do in Analytics? A: It's Bloomberg help desk First and second round interview: more motivational questions and past experience. Why sales, why bloomberg, what makes them special, summarize your thesis, what did you learn from your past internships, where do you see yourself in 5 years, how much do you want to earn???

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Why Bloomberg, Talk about working experience, which area of expertise that I would be keen on, Sell bloomberg terminals, retaining clients etc

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How good do you think your university education was?

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What is the key selling point for Bloomberg's chat system?

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imagine an investment bank with 300 terminals that you manage is shutting down 30 terminals and it has nothing to do with technical problems with terminals in their equity trading division. If they have made that decision and you remain with managing 270 terminals how would you deal with that decision as it will be a big disappointment to you as a sales representative/relationship manager?

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A question asking me to explain how financial markets behave.

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