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sell the terminal to me, what do you know about the company and its business, revenue genreated by london zoo per annual

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Reading all the questions posted on the site, the London Zoo one threw me a bit. I realise that Bloomberg are corporate partners of the Zoological Society, but do you think they really expected that you know this answer? I sometimes wonder if they ask curve ball questions to see how you react to no knowing an answer. Didi you know the answer?

might be that London Zoo is a no profit organization, so it did not make any kind of revenue/ profits per annum.

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What is 35% of 40?

2 Answers

What makes you want to work for Bloomberg rather for any other buy-side companies? As I'm doing a bit of spread trading the question was related to my strong choice and preference for Bloomberg rather then my desire of pursuing a career in trading.

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Please may you go through your CV for me ?

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What are the main concerns/priorities for a central bank I. E the Bank of England?

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Why would you prefer working for Bloomberg over a Bank?

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What skills do you bring to the Bloomberg Team?

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Why BLoomberg?x100 if you don't have financial background

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How would a Analyst for Colgate make use of the Bloomberg Terminal

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Why Bloomberg? Why finance and sales after your previous experiences? What do you do if a client is rude? Questions about finance (what is inflation? what indicators help you decide what to invest in? ) Questions about Bloomberg (What other revenue generating products does Bloomberg offer? What does Bloomberg offer in general?)

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