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Floor Staff was asked...20 December 2012

What would you do if you observed another employee stealing candy from concessions? What about money from the cash register?

4 Answers

I would report it to the manager, because personally I believe if you do it once you're most likely to do it again. Less

Report it. Stealing product is the same as stealing money. The company paid for the product in which they are getting nothing back for it. Plus, I would not want to work with a thief. Less

I would report it to the manager what I witnessed because it is never right to steal, especially from your workplace. Less

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why should we hire you?

3 Answers

If you've had other jobs tell them how much customer service/retail experience you have. Less

You should hire me because I am a quick learner, complete all tasks as asked and be dedicated to my work while giving good customer service. Less

You should hire me because I'm a very diligent person


You seem quiet....does that mean you're dumb? I'll probably hire you. Do you think you're smart enough?

3 Answers

No and yes.

They would never ask something like that lol

You would think

Wicked Weed Brewing
Floor Staff was asked...27 September 2017

How would you deal with someone who is intoxicated.

2 Answers

NC has some crazy alcohol laws and honesty I would just grab a security guy and let them know and a manager. Less

bobbybeck Aug 21, 00:52 MST I come ask someone who can help me .I a poor person in Thailand and I have been Panic disorder belong 15 years ,in Thailand I feel like a black sheep no have nothing here i just live with my friends's house for help his job but for now I'm so bored because everyone here never understand me about Panic attack and Panic disorder im so down 😖 so i need to start a new life with new friends new future , if anyone in the office can help me give me a job ,place can sleep please , thanks I own you .I will be a good friends for company 🙏 Less


What do you know about our company?

2 Answers

This is a simple question if you go to the regal site it easy to grab some info off the about us section. Less

Regal was founded in 1989 by Michael Campbell but started operating their first theater in 1990, there are currently 575 operating theaters in 42 states and are even theaters in Guam and American Samoa. Less


There are a lot of situation questions "What would you do if...."

2 Answers

The answer to almost all of them was tell a manager.

If they ask What would you do if a customer was rude? A good answer is I would calmly and politely try to solve the problem the customer had but if the customer would not stop being rude and was holding back other customers I would tell them to kindly to speak to the manager. Less

Sky Zone
Floor Staff was asked...4 September 2018

What does it mean to be a good team member?

2 Answers

What experience do you have with kids?

Work together, willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done, and having fun together! Less

J D Wetherspoon

Give an example of when you gave great customer service

2 Answers

When serving an elderly gentleman in a grocery shop I quickly noticed how heavy his shopping was for him as he struggled to lift his basket onto the counter. After ringing his items up at the till I kindly offered to help him to his car. I did this often for customers I assumed would benefit from the extra help. Less

Once when a customer came from rural area visited to our shop for the first time, he was looking nervous and feeling uncomfortable to ask or order anything, Less


As an Usher, you must check the theater every thirty minutes. If a film is 158 minutes long, what is the minimum amount of times you should check the theater ?

2 Answers

5 times.

5 times or 6 to be safe

Floor Staff was asked...20 December 2012

What is your best quality?

2 Answers

Mumbled something about being really responsible...

I am very caring for others, I usually put others needs before mine and love to make people's day better. Less

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