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Formulation scientist Interview Questions


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Formulation related questions

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What do you understand about HPLC?

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How would you apply your previous research within this position?

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How would I go about building a formulation/analytical team to develop a formulation?

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Drug development. Past experience with apparatus and etc.

What are your core research areas and how do you conduct research activities?

Tell us about yourself and what experience do you have which makes you an ideal candidate for this role. What do you know about us? How do you formulate shampoos? What stability techniques do you do on shampoos or on oral care formulations? What products do we manufacture? (They asked questions on my presentation - such as, what ingredients did you use and what was the reason behind this? How did you choose the percentages of ingredients?) What quality control techniques have you done before and what was the method that you had used? Did you perform any skin tests on the products formulated and how did you go about it?

What do you know about us? What products do we manufacture? How do you formulate shampoos? What quality control techniques did you do? What was the latest/last formulation you made in your previous role and run us through this? What is a conditioning agent? Give us an example and how you would use this in a formulation? Why is xanthan gum used in a formulation? How would you go about selling a skin care product? What ingredients would you add into an emulsion? And why?

Research experience and working on multiple projects.

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