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Merging of Sets: Sets Users which reference other user groups.

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Hello! When did you interview?

Beginning of November

All taxi drivers in a town need to meet in one place. What is the best place for them to meet?

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(Systems design): Describe how you would build a generic job scheduler for our company?

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Imagine a 2D array of non-negative integers representing a map. 0 values are water and non-0 values are land. The land forms islands (contiguous cells vertically or horizontally). The value of an island is the sum of all of its tiles. Efficiently output the size of the highest-valued island.

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Typical behavioural questions

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Given a medium sized project, find a bug that was described.

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Asked what I liked about the position and about Palantir

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How much water flows under London Bridge in 24 hours?

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System design of a platform that gives an overview of what engineers work and which technologies they use.

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a) Given a max-heap with N elements, what is the complexity to find the K largest numbers? b) As above, but design an algorithm where the complexity cannot be a function of N (but only K).

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