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Forward deployed software engineer Interview Questions


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1. Why Palantir? What would make you suitable for the role? 2. Take a look at Hackerrank, a lot of medium-category questions were asked.

You want to create a start-up that suggests recipes based on ingredients in your customer's fridge. What do you do?

Write a function that compresses a string (similar to LZ77).

Given a set of events [e1, e2, e3, ... , eN] occuring at given times and a set of timeframes [t1, t2, .., tM] each having a start timestamp and an end timestamp, give an algorithm for each event the number of timeframes it occurs within (white board, no code)

Briefly explain some of the fundamentals of data structures.

Write code on the whiteboard to iterate through a tree in postOrder traversal. First recursively, and then iteratively.