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If you could have dinner with three actors no longer living, who would they be!

13 Answers

Actors eaten by Hannibal Lector!

None they were all just acting

Peter Ustinov (for the stories, well told), Katharine Hepburn (for her confidence and smarts), Judy Garland (to hug her and for her songs).

Have you done pair programming before?

2 Answers

basic que on oops and exception, Singleton patterrn, asked to write a simple array based program which further asked to optimize.

2 Answers

Salary expectations

1 Answer

Which company do you like? why? what is special about them?

1 Answer

Asked me the benefits and disadvantages of using NodeJS

1 Answer

What's the difference between a generator and a co-routine in python?

1 Answer

simulation of bloom filter.

1 Answer

Why work for a small but highly knowledgable technical team in comparison to a large tech team?

1 Answer

Java stuff that I had no experience with for a JavaScript role.

1 Answer
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