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Why did i choose to apply for JATO?

5 Answers

I answered with I am looking for a challenge and to join a company that has a long term vision and goal and they needs people like me to join the journey and support them through the company transformation.

Read my "Database Production Assistant" and you will realise how slippery, contorted, unreliable and mendacious they are, worthy of avoiding for aye.

Thank you for your review. JATO appreciate the comments and feedback provided and are happy to hear you were happy with the outcome of the interview, even though the technical questions were a little difficult.

basic que on oops and exception, Singleton patterrn, asked to write a simple array based program which further asked to optimize.

2 Answers

Have you done pair programming before?

2 Answers

Phone: bind, this, build 2 buttons (html + css); check if parentheses are valid

2 Answers

I was asked to write and algorithm for a board game.

2 Answers

Tell me more about yourself ? Why do you want to work here? Tell me about a situation when you X? What would you do if a person did Y?

1 Answer

What's my current salary, etc..

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Step 1: online remote test. 1 codility code test using collection and Stream. Step 2: pair programming interview. It takes 2 to 3 hours to write code in a maven App. Then, a team leader will ask some questions for performance.

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Why work for a small but highly knowledgable technical team in comparison to a large tech team?

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1. Explain e2e process right from a new requirement coming from client to the implementation of it to releasing it on production. Give details on techs used and in what areas you actually participated.

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