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Tell me about yourself

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Test 2 (stage2) 45 mins)) The board have requested to raise an additional £400k from £100k spend. Create a marketing plan which allows us to test new activity (not existing channels).

Do a 1-minute talk on something you’re passionate about

Test 1 (1hr) complete spreadsheet with formula. Write what further info is needed to review activity more thoroughly. Recommendations on which activity performed the best and what you would look to increase. Any key assumptions. Part 2 of test 1: Critically assess an email and a landing page. Highlight what you would look to emulate or change. Make testing recommendations for the future.

lots of competency based questions. Not many focused on Digital Fundraising. More around management and prioritization of your time.

What is the best experience you've had volunteering?

Role play was hardest section as very unexpected - try to talk to them about their experiences at the uni and remind them of the amazing time they had before asking for money!

Talk interrupted passionately about a topic that interests you for 1 minute (35 minutes into the interview, past the point of wanting the job role)

3 Questions If you had to bring someone from the dead who would u bring back and why? We had to sell a product to convince the public? Describe ourselves

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