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Fundraising Interview Questions


Fundraising interview questions shared by candidates

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You receive a cheque in the post for £5000. What do you do?

1 Answer

This was part of the scenario based questions which were both very common sense if you have any.

How do you like to be managed?

1 Answer

"There are many other positions that would pay similar wages in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and so on - why do you think you would be better suited to work here instead?"

1 Answer

Have you done a job like this before? Tell me about a time that you convinced somebody of something. Generic questions

1 Answer

What things are you passionate about?

1 Answer

There is only one question: You will be paired up with another candidate, and asked to sell their qualities to the interviewer. That's it....

1 Answer

When you are getting to know the group make a point in finding out their experiences and key qualities

How much do you know about Marie Curie?

1 Answer
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