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Fundraising Interview Questions


Fundraising interview questions shared by candidates

Top Interview Questions

How will you inspire potential donors to support a charity?

1 Answer

Be personable, positive and well educated about the charity/cause.

If you had £1000000 what would you do with it?

1 Answer

Looking at the job description, describe your recent experience and how it would apply to the role.

Describe a time an appeal you were part of went wrong - what did you do to get things back on track?

1 Answer

Have to choose a problem such as poverty or homelessness and come up with a solution.

When you are getting to know the group make a point in finding out their experiences and key qualities

What would you do if someone approached you and said that Marie-Curie did nothing for their terminally ill family who passed away?

Describe something that you are passionate about. This could be a book, film, music e.t.c. and we will try to describe it back to you.

What do you, specifically, bring to the role which makes you suitable?

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