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Samuel and Co Trading
Junior FX TD was asked...17 April 2019

What us over Other trading companies

1 Answers

Told them what I need to say to pass the interview.

FX TD was asked...9 August 2021

1. We just talk about my Showreel shots. 2. Ask me about Houdini Basics and Work experience. 3. I explained my plus point of Python knowledge.

FX TD was asked...21 September 2019

What have you worked on so far and what effects interest you to continue to work in.

FX TD was asked...12 November 2015

Do you enjoy more working in shots or making setups?


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A Quel salaire prétendez vous ?


Questions techniques sur houdini (ex : avez vous dejà utilisé le VEX ?)

DreamWorks Animation
FX TD was asked...14 February 2013

Just question regarding the resume. I had done some work in FX dev before.

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