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Was asked to take a couple of hours and provide a concept that's a "twist on Clash of Clans". Was then asked to take another hour to refine the design.

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Designed a concept where PvP would take place in person on a real map. Paraphrasing here, but was basically told "nobody would want to go outside to play PvP" (Pokemon Go and Ingress players are nobody apparently) and "I wouldn't play this instead of CoC" (I wouldn't play my 4 pages of sketches over CoC either to be fair) by way of critique. The new design was met with "this sounds promising, but not the easiest game to make". In addition to a production-ready market-beating guaranteed top grossing sensation, this needed to be the utmost breeze to develop, you see.

Absolutely hysterical... how are these guys still in business?

They were almost closing the studio when they got lucky and got a successful game. They made some money and now they just think they are great and have the best culture in the world. What they do now is make fast prototypes and launch it on the stores just to see if they stick, and if they do then they make a better version of them. I'm pretty sure that they will close the new studio in the near future if they don't change their mentality and put their feet on the ground.

What do I know about the company?

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The test included scripting using their in house scripting language.

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Why shouldn't I hire you?

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If I came to you to say that the sniper rifle weapon seems broken and needs fixing, how would you go about doing so assuming I was unavailable for further contact?

Favourite videogames and why, and if I liked horror.

Can you do a game design test in an artistic perspective with this given genre/art?

Mechanically, how does Candy Crush Saga differ from Farm Heroes Saga?

Apart from character and setting, what is the other main element of storytelling?

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