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Half an integer without using * or / in your preferred language.

3 Answers

So I guess you could bit shift it by 1 to get half the result n >> 1

float half = number & 0x1? number>>1+.5f : number>>1

Well this was a long time ago, but for those who still interested : Just a one bit right shifting the integer would give you the half of it Assuming we have a number : int n = 150; Half will be equal to : float half = (n >> 1) + 0.5f; Happy coding!

What do you thing about overtime?

1 Answer

How do you pass persistent data from one scene to another

1 Answer

Can you think of any useful design patterns for games?

1 Answer

Product people asked only product questions. They seem to be in charge. They don't care about your engineering skills/interests.

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What do you thing your previous content did well, and wrong?

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What had my previous experience been like with the game design?

Have you played any of the Arkham games?

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