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General Operative Interview Questions


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If I worked with machines before

1 Answer

I said yes

Would you be interested in learning to work in another part of the factory if required, and take part in a training course?

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What motivates you? What do you know about the company? Tell me about yourself. What do you think was your greatest work-related accomplishment? Tell me about the time... *you had to deal with a collegue with bad attitude *you had to work under pressure, meeting a tight deadline. Is there anything you would change in your action? *someone tried to convince you to take a shortcut in completing a task. How do you prioritise tasks?

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I was asked if I had ever worked in journalism or blogging.

1 Answer

are you prepared to stop work if you see anything unsafe

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Can you give an example of why working in a team can be both positive and negative

Describe a time where you had to work under pressure.

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