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Interview questions in Glasgow, Scotland

Morgan Stanley Interviews in Glasgow /  HQ: New York, NY

48 Interviews in Glasgow (of 2,785)

3.2 Average

FDM Group Interviews in Glasgow /  HQ: BRIGHTON

41 Interviews in Glasgow (of 946)

2.4 Easy

J.P. Morgan Interviews in Glasgow /  HQ: New York, NY

36 Interviews in Glasgow (of 5,315)

3.1 Average

Interview Questions in Glasgow

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For which company do you work?

2 Answers


Now presently working in JLR dealer in india as a team leader

What sort of shifts would you like to do? I.e., Early shift or Back shift

1 Answer

what can u bring to the company.

1 Answer

why enterprise? what decisions made you go to the university and take course that you took? can you give me an example of a time where you have handled a tricky/angry customer? what do you enjoy most about customer service? can you tell me a step by step process of what you do when dealing with a complaint? can you think of a time where you have improved a process? what is your sales experience/customer service experience? How do you follow up/make sure/tell that a customer is satisfied? what do you dislike most about your job?

1 Answer

Who is your inspiration

1 Answer

Asked to talk about a website I have used and review it. For this type of thing make sure it's relevant to the area you are going into. Here comes the crunch. The final question they asked me was what my disability was?

1 Answer

The most difficult part for me was the 15 minute networking session. I found that excruciatingly awkward as you had to walk up to Different people and attempt to engage them in a conversation. The most random question was being asked to explain any random difficult process that I know of during one of the Interviews.

1 Answer

They asked how my degree in a Journalism was relevant to the Employment Law Consultant role.

1 Answer

You are waiting for a piece of information from a colleague to complete your work but he is no where to be seen and the deadline in imminent. Your boss asks for the work, what do you do?

1 Answer

Some tricky engineering questions in technical interview

1 Answer
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