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AC: Python test, dataflow efficiency test, group work

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What were the tests like? I've got an AC in 2 weeks and have no idea what kind of problems I'll have to solve.

Any updates?

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You only have Net Income and Sales, which other financial number you would like to have to evaluate a company? (overall, i found the questions not very difficult)

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Regular interview questions, tell me about yourself etc.

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Talk about a time when you have worked/led a team?

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1) Tell me about BloomBerg? 2) What are Bloomberg’s products 3) What are Bloomberg’s Competitors: 4) Who are Bloomberg’s clients? 5) Why Bloomberg? 6) Why This Job? 8) What is the difference between good and excellent customer’s services? 9) What are your experiences in Customer Services?

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Describe the world in 2050

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The scenarios test a range of qualities such as pattern identification, communications skills, public speaking and working under pressure. But also personal qualities such as Empathy and confidence.

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Describe to me what is meant by the Purchasing Power Parity hypothesis.

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why Rothschild

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Explain the graph given

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