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My conversations and questions with clients, my networking skills. My sales experience. My background. V

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My conversations and questions with clients was illustrated in my case in the second and final round.

Did I have a degree

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Was easy and standard question

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They started with - what you could tell us about you (personal & professional). I will write randomly some questions. Probably have been more than I remember now. - what is more important - immigration or tax? - what is most delicate/uncomfortable message you had to transmit? - what do you do if you don't know something? Do you go directly to your manager? - are you multi-tasking? - what are you proud of? (personal and professional) - what improvements you brought in different work places? - what is the most difficult case you managed? - what area (at yourself) would you like/think to develop more? - what else you can tell us to sustain your position? - how is you relation with the stakeholders and how do you get what you want? And few more I don't remember now. There have been also questions related to my experience or questions derived from other questions/scenarios. I hope this helps other to prepare.

Standard competency based interview and review of CV

Given an example of a time you had a conflict at work and how you resolved it.

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