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Huawei Technologies
Product Manager & Account Manager - Fresh Graduates was asked...6 June 2022

Q1. Tell me about yourself? Q2. Where do you see yourself in 3years? Q3. Are you a team player ? Q4. What’s is P&L? Q5. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? Q6.What questions do you have for me?

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Why Sales? Why Gartner? Personal Drives for Role? Behavioural and Role play section

Auto Trader UK

What does your current experience help with in this role?

Dell Technologies

why dell? Tell me about yourself? Why this role? Why technology company?

Pareto Law

Would you prefer Account Management or Business Development?

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Account Manager - ability to build relationship with client to truly understand their requirements and achieve growth. Less

Caleb & Brown

Asked about Crypto Knowledge and opinions on the current Market

Hilti Group

Present yourself What are your hobbies ? How did you get to know HILTI ? What do you know about HILTI ? What is a good salesperson for you ? What is important in sales ? What does a salesperson do in a day ? Where do you see yourself in 2 years ? What do you like to do ? Are you willing to relocate and work abroad ? Business case 1 : read a long text with a lot of non-important info + make a presentation with a SWOT and recommendations (something about a company who want to relocate and you have to take position to say yes or no to this move) Business case 2 : Roleplay - Take the role of a new manager. One of your team member has made a big mistake (HR + Syndicate on the case) with another team member.


Why Sales? Why Gartner? Describe a time when you set targets and met/ didn't meet them How do you feel about working in a high-pressure, results driven environment?


Q4: Tell me about a time when you decide to take a calculated risk?


Q3: Tell me about a time when you not only deliver a result but also beyond the expectation?

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