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Bell Canada
Graduate Leadership Program was asked...8 October 2015

How did you prepare your interview? Describe your customer services experience.

17 Answers

Hi Everyone, I had the same situation. Just got email that application moved to next round. Please stay in touch and share your experience. Thanks Less

I think I waited for more than 10 days.

I gave the video interview on 30 sept. No response as of yet. Has any of you guys received anything? its a bit frustrating. Less

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Larsen & Toubro

If you had 26 hours in your day , how would you spend those additional two hours.

12 Answers

sorry,the question is right but 24hrs is universal truth so con't change timings from 24 to 26 hrs. Less

If i had 26 hours in a day then i would spend those additional two hours in sleeping Less

in sleeping

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Academic project Programming languages I know Baics about java

13 Answers

Me too waiting for the results. if any info mention it here.

Did u guys got offer letter??still am waiting for results

Nope still waiting

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Network Rail

Why Network Rail and why the rail industry?

12 Answers

They give you a map with switches and relays. They correspond to track signaling systems. Standard red orange green. KVL, KCL and decent circuitry knowledge. Less

Just try to relate safety measures/hazards/etc to previous work experience. There was a relay on a circuit diagram. Just know what it is and basic functionality. Less

thank you mate, how about the KVL and KCL? what sort of questions were you asked about in regard? Less

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How many baby diapers are used per year in the UK?

11 Answers

a Sh***t load

None - because they're called nappies in the UK.

I could give 2 answers to this and both are correct: 1 - Twice half the number or 2 - Don't know. 2 would be my preferred answer and I have answered 'don't know' to a lot of interview questions. If I don't know, I don't know and I am not going to spout BS. Lets get onto the next question. Less

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what is data warehouse

11 Answers

Better be prepared for interview. Be confident. Be positive. Database n data warehousing is more important SQL queries Diff betn mongodb n MySQL Other databases Less

Can u tell us topics which came in aptitude test. We have aptitude test on 14th Jan. Less

3 sections.... 1 quant 2 English 3 data interpretation

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

focussed on ability to network, how you demonstrate that you listen/ are listening, whether you have missed deadlines before (e.g. tell me about a time that you have missed a deadline)

10 Answers

About 3 weeks ago now. I'm also hoping for the same good luck

Have you heard anything yet?

Still nothing here

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In the assessment centre asked why this job motivates me

10 Answers

Described opportunities with farmfoods

When is your final interview ? I have mine tomorrow x

I’m still waiting to have mine, good luck for yours, let me know how it goes and what they ask if you can..? Less

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In HR interview they asked about strengths and weakness,self introduction.

10 Answers

When did u got reply from them after attending interview

Within 10 days

tumara kab hua Tha HR syntel me

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10 Answers

Hi to both of you, I am just wondering who many positions are there for this specific GP with EON. Is it just one person in the end who will be hired or could there be several? I also passed to the AC. Regards, Markus Less

Hi, Depending on the number of open positions and the qualification of the candidates it could also be that 1 or more candidates will be chosen. When your soft skills and educational/work experiences fit to their requirements it could also be that you get 2 offers from different business units (I experienced this!). So, give your best guys! E.ON is a great employer! Less

Thank you Anonymous, finally someone is speaking clear and honest. If you just could provide an answer to another question, I am also interested when the results will be known? Immediately or after a couple of days? Less

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