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Challenges in the role.

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Hi, I have a telephone interview with URS next week. Could you tell me what technical questions they asked you please? Thanks.

It depends on the position you are being interviewed for, in my case it was the graduate civil engineer position and I dint have a telephone interview. But from general experience, most telephone interviews are competency based - so I would suggest you prepare for these alongside the technical. For the technical, most coy ask basic questions - like definition of ULS and SLS,their check criterias,basis of structural designs, BMD and SFD,

Mine is also for a graduate civil engineer position. Thanks for the reply.

Identify the critical points along a buried pipe running down a hill.

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*If you were asked to finish the project for this weekend and you know It is not the dead line what would you do ? * You have completed a project , your next project is starting in 2 weeks time , how would you spend these 2 weeks? * You are already working for network rail and your friend asks you about the graduate scheme , what would you say to him/her?

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Name the roles for a Principal Designer

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Awful company, do not waste your time for graduate position if you don’t have any connection inside the company.

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General questions about relevant experince.

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What do you find most motivating in a work environment?

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