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Graduate Consultant Interview Questions


Graduate consultant interview questions shared by candidates

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Why we should heir you instead of someone else?

1 Answer

I am a good team player. Perhaps you should put accent on your technical skills..

Role of the QS in pre-contracting

1 Answer

Technical Exercise: Groundworks for the house, plans provided

1 Answer

Tell us an example of when you have had to adapt your communication style to achieve what you needed.

1 Answer

What will you be doing in your first year in your opinion?

1 Answer

Tell me what has been happening in the news lately

1 Answer

Verbal Reasoning just because its my weakness.

1 Answer

How old were you when your parents divorced? How did this impact your life? What's the hardest thing you've been through in your life? So you've always been told yes? Your parents always wanted you to be happy? When was the last time you cried? LOTS more personal and irrelevant questions.

3 Answers

Market sizing question - The UK government is seeking to incur a plastic bag charge in UK supermarkets. The federation of UK supermarkets have approached you to determine how this would affect their profit. Data given are: Cost per plastic bag: 1p Sales per plastic bag: 5p Cost per bag-for-life: 5p Sales per bag-for-life: 20p Tesco's market share: 25% Tesco's annual revenue last year: £25 billion Business acumen question: If an investor gave you £500 million to start a restaurant, what would you do?

1 Answer
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