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Graduate Data Analyst was asked...7 October 2016

Tell us about about a challenging project that you've done.

2 Answers

What were the other compentancy based questions? Also, what non-competency based ones were asked and how did you respond? Less

I applied for similar roles which I was highly qualified for, which they never acknowledged. Also, I know that if your application is unsuccessful at the interview phase, they never bother shortlisting you again, therefore you are better off ignoring them and focusing on other employers. Less

Lloyds Banking Group

How would you respond to being asked to lead a group project you don't have time for?

2 Answers

I would offer to take a smaller role within the project to gain experience but not to impact my current work Less

I would kindly decline and my work load is currently filled but I would help find someone with similar interest in the role and ask if they are willing to take on such task Less

Standard Bank Group

Who is your role model?

1 Answers

Pick someone in a well known leadership position and be able to explain why they are your role model. Less

OC&C Strategy Consultants

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

1 Answers

Do NOT give your typical consulting "In a leadership position" answer, give details and express your true passion. "In a client facing role" is always a good place to start. Less

First Derivatives

What do you know about the systems used by FD?

1 Answers

Understand the KDB platform and the other 2!!!

Kubrick Group

What is Kubrick Group/What do they do?

1 Answers

Can you tell me about yourself?

Admiral Group

You didn't complete our maths test sent to you in the previous email.

1 Answers

I had not received one.

Admiral Group

1.7 million rows of data about demographic data in different post codes, how do you extract value.

1 Answers

Cross-reference with internal customer data to identify areas with highest claim frequency and average claim. Reduce amount of data by grouping postcodes, eliminate protected traits like race etc, one you've identified claim frequency can look purely at customers who have made claims Eventually they gave away that they were looking for you to state you'd create a machine learning model to look at data, had assumed this was a given but looking back it hadn't been mentioned before Less

QinetiQ Group

Previous experience with applicable / relatable skills

1 Answers

Cited many university projects / personal projects aligned with the role but the rest of the interview was very much like an informal chat. Less


Why you picked this grad program instead of a junior data analytics role

1 Answers

Will be graduating this year and wanted to know more about this position and try it out Less

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