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Graduate Data Scientist Interview Questions


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Tell us a little bit about yourself and why are you are interested in working with us here at King.

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How did king contact you after the video interview ?

How many TVs are there in Belfast?

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- Data science process and techniques - ML techniques - Use of cloud for data science

Why do you want to come work in Bristol and sell kebabs? In the Random Forest hyperparameters you're optimising, which prevent overfitting and why? I'm a business person. What's 'random' about Random Forest, and can you explain which variables are predictive of the positive class?

Tell me about your experience in a group project work.

Some standard data science questions, such as what is hypothesis testing.

What is the difference between OOP and functional programming ?

Asymptotic analysis questions: "What is the big O of such an algorithm ?"

1.Describe the L1 and L2 norms. 2.Be prepared to describe a relevant project that you have worked on. 3. How does K-means algorithm work. 4.Describe an efficient way of separating transaction data in order to get average for each account holder (they are after all fraud detection company), what data structure would you put the data to to retrieve it quickly. 5.Describe how Random forest works and how it is different from DTC.

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