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Digital Marketing & Social Media Officer was asked...7 May 2018

What experience do you have in marketing?

15 Answers

Between the age of 14 and 17 I volunteered I’m football and did a lot of social media and posters because I was good at it. This gives me the knowledge to increase your following and better analytics overall. I explained my personality and why I would suit a 8:30 to 4:30 day with events on at the weekend. Less

i want play porn maybe help me ? i like this job

Yes I want play porn I interested I like very I am young age and I am from Pakistan please contact with me my number 03117977424 please Less

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In a basket there are 2 red apples and 98 green apples;1 red apple is removed,how many green apples must be removed to make it 96% of total apples are green apples

6 Answers

74 green apples have to be removed

3 green apples to be removed

2green apples must be removed with remaining 1 red apple.

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Why do you think you would suit this role?

5 Answers

I would suit this role because of my passion, having played football since I was 3, and with my knowledge in social media and marketing, it’s a very fit role for myself. Less



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Tell about yourself

4 Answers

myself vijay from jaipur . my father name hanuman singh . my father is a policeman. i am a marketing manger in and 8 years exp. Less

How long does Amazon take to respond back after the Hr round??

your services is best

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nothing prepare 11-12th silly questions

2 Answers

That Person was sure why he was asking that questions. even i had gone with the same situation, but i tried to understand the logic behind those question and atlast i found the true intention of those question. Person who are/were in this company in the digital marketing department was very active and loyal with the company, but company didnt appreciate his work.. dont know if that person is still working or not.. best wishes to him... Less

They might want to know someone,


Why did u choose marketing over the stream you were from? Solve the round 1 QP again and explain How u did it?

4 Answers

Yes same thing happened to me


Did they call or email you? Who was your hiring manager?

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how to (new things i havent tried )

3 Answers

gave similar examples of things i did before




Given integers from 0-100 stored in an array of size 100 how will you find the missing number? Numbers are randomly entered in the array.

3 Answers

0-100 have constant addition. add the numbers in the array and subtract it from the constant sum. Less

Assuming that a number only appears once, find the sum and subtract from the total possible value (1+2+3+....+100) and subtract to find the missing number. But it would be smart to ask if a number can appear multiple times or not since that may increase or decrease the complexity of the problem, but shows that you're really thinking about all the problem parameters. Less

XOR way is better when any number appears multiple times. XOR of 0 to 100 as signal X, XOR of actual array as signal Y then Xor of X, Y gives missing number. Less

BeMo Academic Consulting

Create examples of Display Ads for medical school applicants in the US

3 Answers

It's understandable to be upset because you didn't receive the job but asking for skills assessment is completely normal. How else would an employer know if the person who says they have certain skill set for a job such as digital marketing assess the applicant's actual abilities? If you were not selected, it's because you didn't have the skills required unfortunately. We do tend to be very selective and sometimes our hiring process takes over 6 months. We will keep posting the same job over and over until we find someone suitable at our sole discretion. To be clear the functional test has zero value to our organization beyond assessing an applicant's skill levels and we're not using to get people to do "free work" for us. Lastly, our marketing team members who have been hired take about an hour to complete the task. If it takes someone more than two hours, they are probably not at the skill level suitable for us yet. With hard work and experience we're sure you can get the required skills and find a suitable position at another organization. All the best. Less

Pay me first, guys

They did the same thing to me. Task involved 32 questions - they said shouldn't take any longer than 2 hours, but it would actually take twice as long to do a decent job. I spent over 4 hours on it and sent it in and got nothing back. I agree with you - they keep doing this to get free work without ever hiring anyone! Less

We will be having our 1st Anniversary Celebration in Dec 2020. You are being tasked to promote our Anniversary Celebration via social media. Please create/answer for the below: 1) FB post 2) Target Audience (how to select the target audience?) 3) Why the audience are being selected? 4) Any other ways to promote our Anniversary Celebration? This is just one of the multiple tasks, was required to write captions in English & Chinese, design several visuals & logo too............

3 Answers

You make a right choice not joining. you will regret after join. working environment not friendly especially on the top management side. without experience running the hospital and ill treat employees. whatever committed in the offer letter can withdraw without employee agree. Less

Sorry to hear that. No one ever reported this to the labour department?

There're many staff report to labour office. some how they manage get through some case and some not. they manage to hide some bad case impact to their image. their naming was getting bad in the market. Less

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