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SJT: very easy, have a little practice online then you can pass it very easily Numerical Test: practice at least 8 tests, 18 questions in 24 mins?, I THINK I got 13/18, and quite rush for the last 4 questions. Inductive test: practice at least 8 tests to know the tricks about it eg rotations, same patterns, alternating etc, 24 questions in 25 mins. very rush for the last 8 questions, I THINK I got at least half. Video interview: Why do you know about rail industry, what do you like our graduate scheme, a time to solve problems creatively (feeling before, during and after), a time to build a professional network (feeling before, during and after). what are your key strengths and skills and how you can use them to contribute Network Rail, why work for Network rail. 8 Questions in total. 1 min to prepare your answers. Will give you 1 or 2 mins to answer your questions. Tips for Video: They ask you a general questions, but then give you quite a few sub questions which are relevant to the general questions. PRACTICE EVERY SINGER QUESTIONS, BE CONCISE AND WITHIN 2 MINS. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THE SUB QUESTIONS. AND VIDEO INTERVIEW IS WEIRD! contact me if you want more info or discussion

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Did you get invite to the AC?

No i finished my video waiting for the result. The thing is they out source their online tests to other companies and there is actually a pass mark for each tests. So they will get back to you fairly quickly for the online test results

When did you complete your video interview ?

Why are you interested in Network Rail and the graduate scheme?

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Tell me about NOV? Why does NOV interest you?

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GD and PI will be the 3rd stage in the interview process.

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Why railway industry? Why Network Rail? How do you develop the professional relationship and how do you feel before during and after?

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Phone Interview: Why Arup? Key values of Ove Key speech? and situational questions

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Given an array of integers, delete the max and min numbers (both could appear more than once) in place. Do it in O(n) without shifting.

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Questions about a modified form of blackjack as well as one about sending messaged on stone tablets.

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Give us an example of a situation where you had to consider health and safety in your work? What have you done to make sure that H&S is well considered in that situation.

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There are 2 ropes which both last for 1 hour when burning. Use these 2 ropes to get 1 hour and a half.

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