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Make sure there is a reason behind all your decisions in the assesment centre as you will probably be asked

I conducted the phone interview and still waiting for the result. I need to know further information about the assessment centre. Could you please send me an email at: Thanks alot.

Aptitude test is rather "interesting" I should say. * !!! You need 75% (%ile) over to pass !!! * There is 3 part (a verbal, numeric and abstract reasoning) Verbal (Not verbal reasoning!), test you bunch of vocabulary meaning and which word is the odd one out. Numeric test test you divison and ratios (again nothing like other graduation online numberical resoning, very simple) A abstract reasoning (Just bunch of picture with dots and square. To me there doesnt seem to have any logic, which I am normally very good at the these type reasoning test) The written test have two question 1. An example to demonstrate attention to detail 2. Write an algorithm/step by step guide for how to install a programe they provide (the is a little bit infomation available)

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Phone screening: basic OOP questions like - what is class, object, class methods, difference between abstract and interface, define has-a and is-a relationship, what is new operator etc

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On the day none! The telephone interview (Ask a few compatancy question like (they specify couple work place or university in my CV and ask me to choose one to talk about): a case of working in a team to develiver project; about communication (cant remember is is dueling with difficult suitation or with diverse audience); about career aspiration)

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What do you know about the company? Why do you want to join us?

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