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Nothing was difficult pretty straight forward questions were asked. In the interview was told to assemble a valve but that was pretty easy if you use a diagram that is provided.

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Thanks for having shared your experience. I am interested in Schlumberger and I am getting perpared for the recruitment. Do you remember which type of valve (butterfly, ball etc.) you assemble?

I don't remember what type of valve it was now. But if they do give you this exercise again make sure you look at the instructions or diagram before you assemble the valve. Because this role requires physical work they are checking to see how you cope with hands on tasks. Good luck!

Thank you so much for the information ... I am very interested in work for Schlumberger.

Give me an example of when you've been shouted at or told off by a customer or coworker who wasnt happy with your work

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Give me a recent example in which you used logic to solve an engineering problem.

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each candidate had to assemble a diaphragm valve (for gas) within 5 minutes with parts missing. Its important to remain calm at this stage and not to be thrown off. If you do not assemble it within the allocated time, talk about what you would have done to complete the valve. You are provided a cross sectional drawing and not an exploded diagram. They later asked the usual HR questions and what product line interests you the most.

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Putting together the piece of kit, make sure you find the instructions!!

Why are you deferring away from your original sector of engineering?

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