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This following question is probably the toughest question in the speed dating interview section. It goes like this "Highlight one interesting aspect from your CV and make it one word. While you think about that here is the situation 'You are on site and it is midnight and your client has joined. You have 5 employees working on site with you and your client notices that one of your employees is a known cable thief and wants you to kick him out. What do you do?' " (Speed Dating Interview)

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In this question, The interviewer will be very aggressive with you. The interviewer will want to see whether you give into pressure and he will be extremely assertive and vocal. Don't freak out by that and stick to what you feel is right in that situation. Me, personally would stick by my employee because the customer isn't always right. Nonetheless I think the idea here is not about finding the right answer but seeing how strong you can be mentally

I know personally the answer to this question is to both satisfy the client by removing the employee, but also manage the situation so the employee is not accused of anything without proof. Innocent until proven guilty.

Give an example of one of unilever's rivals and how they differ?

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You are leading a time-consuming program to turn food waste into animal food and other recyclable products. How would you motivate your workmates and senior staff to take part in this if they're complaining this is a waste of time? You were asked to launch a new product, it's a very exciting project and you take it on, but you're swamped with other work. How do you manage your time?

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What are some things that you enjoy doing?

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Why do you want to work at GSK?

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Q: Moral questions (rank in order of importance to you)

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Why did you choose chemical eng. as your degree?

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Why is the FLP of interest to you? Why should we hire you? Speak about a failure and how you turned it around. How would you describe your leadership style? Speak about a challenge you had with staff. Why do you have an international profile? Describe a tough piece of feedback you got and how you managed it. Anything else you'd like to talk about? ...and other typical interview questions

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If you were a member of the senior management team at British Airways and could change one thing about the organization, what would you change and why?

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What do you think your role entails?

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