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Graduate geologist Interview Questions


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Name as many North Sea plays as you can.

1 Answer

Nothing was particularly difficult, generally just a chat going over the CV. Answer: Lower Permian Rotliegendes, Triassic sands, Zechstein Carbonates, Carboniferous westphalian/namurian (SNS)

No professional interview process or procedures, so unprofessional and unpleasant. Basic questions about experiences.

1 Answer

Describe a time when you failed, what did you do and what was the outcome

1 Answer

Tell us about yourself and how you think your background makes you qualified for this position?

Name a time where you had a conflict in a professional setting and what steps you took to resolve it?

What are your career aspirations? Tell me about yourself What are your strengths and weaknesses?

How can you tell turbitde from fluvial rocks on logs (easy). Have me a rick to describe- had dinosaur bone in it.

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