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AGC Networks
Graduate Engineer Trainee was asked...16 October 2013

Aptitude was easy only time limit was less so answer questions which you know confidently and try to guess rest if you are not sure. No Negative Markings. For GD round be confident and put forth your views clearly , Don't try to be harsh and don't shout . Remember its not a debate . If you don't speak a word you will be asked to conclude which means you don't have any chance for further shortlisting For final round just concentrate on your final year project and technologies which you have mentioned in your CV . They will ask all possible questions with regard to your current profile and you should be proficient to answer any of them

42 Answers

if your background is from ETC than you can expect quextion related to IC's , Protocols and basic Programming. For CS/IT Programming on C/C++/JAVA also networking. Most questions were project related with twists like why this technology ? why not others ? what was the success rate ? advancement you can do ? Less

Hello, Can you tell me the likely date of joining?

Date of Joining (immediate): 21st October 2013

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Academic project Programming languages I know Baics about java

13 Answers

Did any one recieved the mail or confirmation call regarding results?

Still waiting for resulrs anyone got results

Did anyone got result till eaiting for results ...plz notify me

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How many baby diapers are used per year in the UK?

11 Answers

a Sh***t load

None - because they're called nappies in the UK.

I could give 2 answers to this and both are correct: 1 - Twice half the number or 2 - Don't know. 2 would be my preferred answer and I have answered 'don't know' to a lot of interview questions. If I don't know, I don't know and I am not going to spout BS. Lets get onto the next question. Less

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In the assessment centre asked why this job motivates me

10 Answers

Described opportunities with farmfoods

When is your final interview ? I have mine tomorrow x

I’m still waiting to have mine, good luck for yours, let me know how it goes and what they ask if you can..? Less

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

focussed on ability to network, how you demonstrate that you listen/ are listening, whether you have missed deadlines before (e.g. tell me about a time that you have missed a deadline)

10 Answers

About 3 weeks ago now. I'm also hoping for the same good luck

Have you heard anything yet?

Still nothing here

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National Oilwell Varco

Tell me about NOV? Why does NOV interest you?

8 Answers

Maybe i am very friendly

Nov one off the seniority in oil & gas and the management is good and many people was very friendly i was happy work with work in this company Less

National Oilwell Varco is an American multinational corporation based in Houston, Texas. It is a leading worldwide provider of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production operations, oilfield services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry. My interest in NOV is to build up organisation and support for the growth of the organisation. Basically I'm interested to work in oil industries Thank you Less

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Done with the online Assessment test ad waiting to do the Video Interview soon any suggestions or advice please welcome

7 Answers

Hello I also am going through this process at the moment, have you got accepted? how long was the total process? are there any tips you can provide? Less

Hi there, I am also invited to take the video interview.. have u guys completed it? and what position are you applying for? Less

Hi got invited to the video interview, any tough questions? Good luck all

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IQ question. There are 25 horses and you want to find the fastest 3. Given that you can only put 5 of them in each race, what is the minimum number of races that you need?

5 Answers

Answer is 5. Unless the timings of the horses were not known, then the answer is 7. Less

6 race 5 each group, pick the best of each group and one fore the final 5

^ Why would it be 7 if you could determine 1st to 5th place from the 6th race?

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Describe a situation when you've faced criticism

6 Answers

What do you do in your free time

what technical questions did they ask you

What did they ask in the technical interview ?

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FDM Group

This question came up in the set venn diagram test. Out of 120 students, those with ID's that are even numbers are doing Physics, and all with ID's divisible by 5 are doing Chemistry, and all with ID's divisible by 7 are doing Maths. How many are doing Physics AND Maths? How many are doing Maths and Chemistry? How many are doing neither subject? etc..

5 Answers

This last method is simpler, thanks

How you did that??? I'm so confused with all these maths. Any help???

Assuming the ID's range from 1-120: Number of students taking Physics: 60 (there are 60 numbers between 1-120 that are divisible by 2) Chemistry: 24 (only 24 numbers between 1-120 that are divisible by 5) Maths: 17 Physics and Chemistry: 12 Physics and Maths: 8 Chemistry and Maths: 2 All three subjects: 1 Less

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