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Downe House
Graduate Library Assistant was asked...21 June 2020

What is your favourite book, why is it your favourite?

Downe House

How do you envisage a library of the future?

Downe House

How would you get to know the students?

Downe House

What interested you in this job?

Pratt Institute

- Why are you interested in this position? - What reference experience do you have? - How have you dealt with a difficult customer situation in the past? (provide example) - What is a work project you're proud of? (provide example)

Downe House

How would you handle a situation setting up a residency programme liasing with different departments of the school?

Downe House

Give me an example of you working with initiative

Downe House

How would you handle a safeguarding issue?

Downe House

How much training would you need to feel comfortable starting this position?

Downe House

How do you picture residential life in a boarding school?

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