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"the food manufacturing industry can be challenging. Provide us with an example when you faced a challenge"

2 Answers

I provided examples about challenges faced in personal life, at work and/or academically

Do you mind me asking what the graduate salary is?

Is there anything that you think you couldn't do?

1 Answer

What did you notice all the people in the waiting room have in common?

1 Answer

Give us an example of when you lead a team to a successful outcome?

1 Answer

Tell us three things that you have learnt about the company. Tell us about a time you needed to hit sales targets. Tell us about a time when you had to up sell. Tell us about a time when you worked as a team Tell us about a time that you dealt with an angry customer.

1 Answer

It's Friday, you have plans with friends but you are asked to stay late. What do you do?

1 Answer

How would you feel working 50+ hours a week?

1 Answer

Are you willing to relocate to anywhere in Britain?

1 Answer

Give me an example where you have provided excellent customer service?

1 Answer

Branch interview - Is there a time where you excelled in providing excellent customer service? Can you tell me a time where you made a great sale? Has there been a moment where you have not got on with an employee and what did you do? Have you ever been a leader?

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