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Technical Question: You have a water inlet upstream of a structure (the structure could be anything; waste water facility, purification facility etc) and an outlet downstream of the structure. What data would you need before starting to build the structure?

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Basically just use technical words you have been taught during your studies. Things like density, velocity and flow rate of water, viscosity, pipe diameter (for boundary layer), pipe material (corrosion rates, strength etc), reynolds number, envronmental factors like rainfall and how that would affect flow rate.

Can you give an example of a time when you have had to change someone's mind to agree with you?

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Questions about a broken heat exchanger and how to fix it

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Explain how fluid flows in a pipe in terms of Energy

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What are the factors affecting braking distance of a train?

Can we have an example of a time you’ve been involved in a conflicting group?

What mistakes have you made both in university/work and outside university/work.

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