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Network Rail
Graduate Mechanical Engineer was asked...8 January 2016

Video interview - Why network rail? Why rail industry? Describe a time where you had to solve a problem? How did this make you feel? Describe a time where you made a professional network? How did this make you feel?

4 Answers

Questions from the assessment centre are in the interview section. That's all I can remember. Presentation - Improving a station with allocated money. Group exercise - organising a small project on marketing. There wasn't really much you could do to prepare for these exercises outside the interview though. Less

how long did it take for them to get back to you? I had an assessment centre on the 20th Jan and they said they would get back to me within 10 working days but they didnt.... Less

Hi there, thanks for your info, in the AC day ; can you remember any questions asked in the competency/behaviour interview? Or did they ask the same questions as video interview? (On the AC day) Less

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Hawkins Cookers Limited

The Group Discussion and subsequently the Personal Interview will take place in June/July 2018.

4 Answers

Please post any updates regarding the shortlisting of candidates .

Can anyone pls tell me what Hawkins company want in the paper that is in ur own hand writing that is to be posted to them Less

Yes send Ur CV in your handwriting.

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What movie did you last watch? And who were the actors.

2 Answers

Movie name Jolly llb 2 and actors name is akshay kumar

Movies name pk and actors name amir khan


No formal questions really, only thing was asking me if I had any questions after a chat

2 Answers

Hi, do you mind sharing your experience at the assessment center? for example, will there be individual interview on the day at assessment center, what kind of group activities and how many people will be selected for the next recruiting process. Less

Just chatted about the position and department


Capacity of Boiler at GSECL Sikka, where you have taken vocational training.

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Quite a lot of materials based questions. Scenario involving a compressor, gearbox and drive train, questions about repairs, downtime, fault detection etc etc. next scenario was regarding a pressurised cylinder, more materials science with a bit of fluid dynamics mixed in. Fault detection again.

1 Answers

I thought the interview went well but i missed one question on fatigue stress which the feedback stated was why i didnt progress. Two engineers conducting the interview were young and very nice, it was extremely disappointing i did not progress. Less


Describe your technical report writing procedure.

1 Answers

The first step, I believe, is to understand who are you reporting to, what is their technical background and why are they interested in your report. Consequently, you will gain a better understanding of what to include in your report and how in-depth you should get with the details. The next step would be to research your topic to find similar projects this will be both used as a sample to guide you in writing and styling the report and material to reference when writing the introduction and theory. The next sections of the report are derived from your work, it is therefore essential to have a great understanding of all that went down and their importance to keep the writing coherent and cohesive . You should also take the time to proof read your work after it's done. Less


What is the primary mode of heat transfer for a radiator?

1 Answers

Convection induces the movement of cold air to pass over radiator fins.

Tata Steel

what do you know about tata steel? why mechanical engineering

1 Answers

Hey any more questions on the video interview and AC. Thanks


What was your master's project ?

1 Answers

Told about my master's project and its significant.

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