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IT Role was asked...13 November 2015

How many man hours would it take to clean every single window in London?

21 Answers

Thank you for the time, this job's not for me...

If that includes Windows Vista it doesn't seem worthwhile.

Based on London's population and an average time per window you could give a rough estimate. Each person has a home and a workplace (schools or other public institutions are also here). So I have 2 windows for me at home and 2 at home, maybe more.. Then I take all cars of London probably the same or more as the population have about 6 windows each So the formula would be: time_per_window * ( population * ( 2 at home + 2 at work + 6 per car)) Less

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Two Bit Circus

What role would you play at the circus?

5 Answers

I’d be the sloppy tightrope, that’s whirling a bit too much.

I’d be a critic for the Sunday Newspaper.

I’d be an incontinent woman who just ate a chilly dog in the front row.

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What type of position are you looking for? Name me a time when you had to resolve an issue and couldn't meet the deadline?

4 Answers

Yup, easy but pointless for this position

Test is simple... 50'questions, 12 min, mostly multiple choice with some T/F.. Basically measuring your aptitude. Interview overall is not too bad, but not as organized as most companies. Less

It's the Wonderlic test and and not terribly difficult

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Natural Markets Food Group

You can figure out that NMFG has issues, since they focus questions on leadership under stress and turnover. Not a racially diverse staff. NMFG has 'top-down' management flow, which seems to hurt innovation and responsiveness to customer needs. It is doomed to fail in the end.

3 Answers

Be an evangelist for natural foods, hard work & local farm-to-table. If you offer them ideas on retail innovation on the cheap, they will jump on it, and try and call it their own. Don't get sucked into the vortex of HQ stress culture. Less

I promise you the interview process has nothing to do with the Canadian roots! Recruitment for Canada is done from NY even for Canada (because they are experts)! Less

Insert sarcasm here!

IDEXX Laboratories

Did not have an interview as I have never heard from IDEXX after applying.

3 Answers

Keep trying! It took me over 3 months of applying for a job there. Never give up. Less

Par for the course in this economy. Hardly any company gets back to applicants. Keep your head high and don't rush into conclusions. Less

You should receive an email saying you have applied and someone will be in touch if your background/skills match. Very common these days. Keep trying! Less

HR Associates (Canada)

Tell us about a time when you had to have a difficult conversation with someone.

3 Answers

I ask politely the candidate that he need to improve some area of communication

When I talk about specific subject with someone for good understand in the subject issue. But he has no idea about the subject. This time I feel difficulties for better understand both of us. Less

Preliminary interview with young gentleman who wants to apply to work in a fine dining restaurant but his English language was basic and knowledge as well. Did not understand my questions politely tild him that he need to learn and practise a lot always more than welcome to contact us again. Less

Credence Analytics

what is joins? what are the control statements in java?

2 Answers

i answered it

Control statements: Selection Iteration Jump

REA Group

Technical interview questions: Part 1: Write a program that sorts the following shapes: triangle, square, circle. Part 2: Extend your solution so that it supports subtypes of shapes such as right-angled triangles, ovals etc. Was asked how I'd test the program, and if I felt it was an optimal solution. Follow up questions for technical interview: Which language do you use? Why? How do you keep up to date with technology?

2 Answers

Worked through a potential solution on a whiteboard. Asked questions to the interviewers to prompt requirements, but very few/vague responses were given (e.g., Q: "How am I given this data?" A: "How do you think you're given the data"). I felt the interviewers were not very assistive and didn't try supporting me when I was clearly under stress. Gave me negative remarks such as "we'll give you enough rope to hang yourself with" which was a pretty derogatory and unprofessional thing to say in an interview, I think. So I had to base my solution on assumptions using functional programming approaches. Ran through importing data via JSON format, what that format would be, how I would validate it and group the data together. They suggested by "sort" they meant "group by" and that I had to deal with the vagueness of the question. Was quizzed why I didn't choose a object-oriented solution. Explained that the problem was pretty small and trivial to require a large-scale object-oriented approach, but nonetheless I went through how it could work if it were OO. Less

I scored around 70% in this and no luck either.

Goldman Sachs

In an array where all numbers repeat thrice, there is one which only repeats twice. Find this number

2 Answers

I couldn't answer this. The interviewer came up with a custom solution where you make a custom version of XOR for 3 bits instead of the usual 2 bits. Using this custom function and iterating over the array would give us the final element which doesn't repeat thrice. Less

For unsorted array , we can do linear search on all elements and store the count of current element . If we move to the next element which is not equal to the current element and count of current element is 2 , we can output the current element . Time Complexity : O(n) For sorted array , we can do binary search . We will start with a middle index x which is divisible by 3 . We will then compare if arr[x] == arr[x+3] . If so , then we haven't encountered that element on the left side and move on right array else traverse left array . Less

Credit Suisse

there were no questions all that she told me was we will refer you to other team. sounded like the interviewer already made her mind before joining the call very late.

2 Answers

i asked her what was the gap between my Experience and role's expectations for which there was no response. Less

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