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It was about the weightlifting competition. In the competition, the score comes from two types of lifting. Given some information of the competitor (If he lifts 1.5 of his body weight, he will be able to lift it every second, or if he lifts 1.25 of his body weight, he will be able to lift it more often, for example), we have to answer what was the maximum score that he could get.

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Did you get invited to the assessment centre?

Networking evening - make sure you have knowledge of the industry, Glencore itself and know why you want to work in commodity trading. Interview at Glencore - competency and technical (nothing too challenging).

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What's the letter after a, e, j, q ?

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How would you perceive your risk profile as a trader?

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3rd stage: If a car travels from A to B at 20 mph and B to A at 30 mph what is the average speed of the total jouney

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Asked about personal experience trading.

First round: only arithmetic questions Second round: brain teasers

The first round numerical test was 60 calculation problems (35*26, 15*76, etc.) within 10 minutes. Calculator was not allowed and you would be recorded through computer.

Basic numeracy, quite standard questions with one long question on the second test.

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