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Graduate Transport Planner Interview Questions


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Technical question: What are the input variables when modelling with ARCADY?

2 Answers

Circulating flow and Geometric data's (flare length, entry width, inscribe circle diameter, entry angle, approach half width and entry radius)

Hi could you share what were the numerical and written report questions or structure. Were the numerical tests SHL type ? Your help would be appreciated

- A time where you have gone out of your way to inspire or help someone - A time where you required the help of others to get a task done - A time when you have missed a deadline - A time when you had to research something you were unsure of Technical - Showed a diagram of routes and areas of traffic flow. Asked to calculate the flow at 3 locations from a matrix of traffic flow numbers from each location.

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7 CV based questions:ask a few internship experience? talk about some skills in cv?

6 general questions:interested area?why jacobs?why this job?

2 an experience of doing a research for sth?

5 technical questions: a map with railway and road network,choose the best one and give reasons

Show examples of teamwork, leadership, using initiative to solve a difficult problem.

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