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Head of hr operations Interview Questions


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How do you handle deadlines?

3 Answers

How flexible are you?

I make sure that I do my work on time and correctly to avoid procrastination, I use to work fast but efficiently as possible

I am so flexible In a way that I may handle multiple projects at a time, generally I do one project at a time. All of my work requires collaboration, so I use team environment to check for errors, that make me to bring out the best results in any project in any environment.

about statutory compliances of a project or construction company

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here ?

1 Answer

A presentation on how I would go about implementing a new HR Outsourcing business.

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Nothing directed at actual experience and lack of professionalism

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Sample poor questions: 1) What would you do if someone refused to do something you asked them to do? 2) What are your 2 main strengths? 3) What are the 2 main hot topics in HR right now?

1 Answer

What is your greatest failure, and what did you learn from it?

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They gave me a scenario which involved conflict and tempers and unions and everything really thrown in and asked me to unpick the whole thing and how I would deal with the issues and in what order.

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What are company values

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How do you use reward and recognition to drive turnover

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