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How do you go about managing a product through all its ups and downs?

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I explained my approach, and illustrated with real life examples. It felt, however, that the interviewer already had their mind made up about what was referred to in the interview as a potential "lack of tenacity'" on my part, based on their reading of my experience and parts of my CV. I wonder whether that concern could be have been perhaps clarified through an initial screening phone call , saving valuable time and effort for both parties.

the VP of product was interested in my process and style of management of product design practitioner, he was interested in the impact I could have in the Digital product design strategical and tactical areas. the interview with him was very good. the following interviews with the Head of HR and the CTO were very disappointing: I just had 30 minutes to talk to each one of them and they were in a great rush to be somewhere else! the Head of HR interview was a standard HR chat. all fine the CTO interview was a total joke: the guy was rushing up the whole thing and he had no interest whatsoever about how I, as the Head of digital product design, could have contributed to the productive collaboration between UX, UI and technology, he asked me what kind of COMMERCIAL impact I had in my current and previous roles! now I understand that we are commercial product designers that have to deliver commercial values for the business via user-centred solutions, but it does not make any sense that the head of technology asks this kind of questions as he clearly have no commercial skills!

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Given what you know what should our GTM strategy be

How do you transition from vision to strategy? We believe we should restructure our teams like this - (description) - What do you think?

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What would you consider when designing a UI?

How do you typically work with cross-functional product teams?

You inspired me from a product management point of view?

How would you ensure communication had been delivered effectively within the organisation? Quite a lot of questions around communication delivery etc

Name a time things didn't go to plan and discuss how you managed that situation

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